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Funwalkers Funny License Plates for mobility devices are featured in Senior Outlook Today and The Chicago Tribune!

Unique Gifts: FunWalkers License Plates

Funwalkers are humorous license plates for walkers and rollators — a thoughtful gift for seniors who need encouragement to use assistive devices.Funwalkers aim for laughs, but their serious side — and perhaps their real value — is that they help take away embarrassment too often felt by increasingly fragile seniors at risk of falling.

Funwalkers License Plate in Central Park NY


 Funwalkers are colorful, 3 x 6” license plates that attach to walkers, rollators and scooters with light-hearted sayings like, “Yes, it was a skydiving accident,” “Caution: dances on tables,” “Gray Pride”,  “Graduated without Wikipedia” and “I brake for animals.”AThe company’s founder , B.L. Ochman, was inspired to start this venture when a 94-year-old friend broke her hip. She was embarrassed and dispirited about her need to use a walker.

Ms. Ochman offered to trick it out for her, but soon discovered that there is no such thing as a fun or funny walker accessory. 

 Funwalkers were recommended as unique gifts by Senior Outlook Today


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