About Funwalkers Funny License Plates for Rollators & Scooters

Why We Make Funwalkers 

B.L. Ochman headshotHi : My name is B.L. Ochman. Funwalkers is a new product that aims to encourage seniors to make more use of their walkers by reducing the stigma associated with their use. I don't want anyone to feel embarrassed or sad about using a walker, rollator or scooter to get around!

When a dear friend broke her hip and needed to use a walker, she didn't want to be seen with it. I jokingly offered to decorate her walker so it would be cool, but I couldn’t find fun accessories like streamers, mud flaps, turn signals and so on for walkers. And that’s when the idea for Funwalkers.com hit me.

I thought: what if we could put a smile on people's faces when they meet someone who uses a walker, rollator or scooter to get around? And that was the beginning of Funwalkers!

Making people smile is what Funwalkers are all about. We're dedicated to bringing a touch of whimsy and a smile to all those who see our plates.

But the serious side of Funwalkers -- and perhaps their real value -- is that they help take away embarrassment too often felt by increasingly fragile seniors at risk of falling. 

  • You can order Funwalkers with our sayings, or we can custom make one with a saying of your choice in any of six colors.
  • The only limit is your imagination! 

How We Make Funwalkers License Plaques

  • Each Funwalkers license plaque is handmade in the United States to our exacting standards.
  • Unlike cheaper license plates available online, the hefty vinyl we use to make Funwalkers license plates is durable, waterproof, colorfast, shatterproof and lightweight.

No sweat installation in seconds!

Amazingly simple to install on handlebars or baskets with our specially made velcro straps (included). Put the straps through the holes, wrap and ready!

Order Funwalkers with our sayings, or create your own!

Questions? Email BL@Funwalkers.com